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Our team and business environment helps you to reach your fullest potential. We are more than just a construction company.  We are a company striving towards perfection. Moreover, the demands that are made of our employees are definitely greater than others in our trade. However, if you have a passion for construction, the desire to learn, and take great pride in your work, then Sussex Construction, Inc. is the place for you. 

We specialize in efficient, innovative custom homes.  Our function is to furnish the finest quality custom construction to our customers and to do this more efficiently and economically than our competitors.

Our employees play an important role in this process. Job availability is dependent upon our ability to satisfy customers. All employees have the responsibility for quality and productivity. No employer can guarantee that you will never be out of work, however, as long as our business is healthy and the competitive position of our company remains strong, job security should be enhanced. People are employed because they have skills and abilities that are needed to produce products and services that the customer is willing to buy. Unless these skills and abilities are properly used, quality, productivity, and job security diminish.